Update: Current Research and Education at Physioworks Health Group


Complex Injuries and Management Presentation

Passing on clinical knowledge is an important role for a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. As a leader in his field, Physioworks Director Andrew Dalwood was recently invited to present at an Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) forum to over 70 physiotherapists from around the country on Complex Injuries and Management.

Andrew was able to convey his extensive clinical experience as well as some of his learning’s from recent discussions in London with top UK Sports Physiotherapists on this subject matter and welcomed the challenging questions from his industry colleagues in discussing best, leading edge clinical practices.

Andrew will be presenting a follow up presentation in October: Correct Diagnosis and Advanced Injury Management.

All of the clinical processes detailed and presented by Andrew are adopted and utilised on a daily basis by the dedicated team of health professionals at Physioworks Health Group.

Sport Taping in Injury Prevention and Management Education

In furthering the education of student and junior physiotherapists, Andrew Dalwood is presenting a “hands on” course in late August on the role of Sport Taping in Injury Prevention and Management.

Onsite Industrial Training and Research

Andrew Dalwood and the team from Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre (WPPC) are busy in the industrial world helping companies improve work process and prevent injuries with early morning onsite training sessions being performed at Hella Australia, PPG Industries and Lock Focus.

Key outcomes include improved safety, less downtime, increased productivity and a healthier, fitter workforce. Importantly all skill sets taught to the workforce can be applied to improve general fitness and well-being across all aspects of life.

The WPPC team are using these training sessions to document, study and further research work processes best practice.

Please contact Andrew Dalwood on (03) 9889 6611 if Physioworks Health Group can assist your company to improve and prevent injuries in the workplace.

Upcoming Research Study:

Physioworks Health Group will again be involved with further research by the University of Melbourne on Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee OA)

This is a follow up study to the 2012 Research Study completed on Knee OA

More of information on our involvement with research study can be found on the Research Study page.